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I had several positive comments about Star Struck by John Benson, so I went looking for more stories by this author. Turns out he has a whole archive of spanking stories. Here’s a tiny excerpt from another one I rather liked, a love story:

At thirteen she’d got the crop for what they thought of as sexual misconduct, even if at the time it wasn’t. Well now she was going to get the crop for what actually was sexual misconduct, even though her dad didn’t know it. She was naughty, and she was going to get it. She lifted her skirt and pulled underthings out of the way. Knelt down, rump-up in the dirt. At the very first smack of the crop against her thigh she screamed.

Thoughts of eroticizing this fled before the pain. Shame stayed though, and grew with every agonizing stroke. Why was she so naughty? Why was she so naughty that he had to turn her hips and thighs black and blue?

From John Benson’s Behind The Barn.

[The link broke and was removed. Even the Wayback Machine doesn’t have this story. If you’ve got a link, an archive, or a copy, please get in touch.]

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