Caned For Truancy

Here’s a classic tale of schoolgirl punishment:

The crack of the cane — right on top of the previous line. Again, she straightened, up, dancing round the room, trying to calm the burning weals.

“You are not helping yourself, Beth. You are still on three strokes, and I fully intend to keep you here until you have had all eight. Now stop wasting my time, and get over the chair.”

The tears were running down her face as she leant forward again.

“Hands down the chair legs. Thank you.”

She could feel Jenkins close behind her this time: the cane gently rested across her buttocks. He drew it back, high into the air, then cracked it down again. Beth clutched the chair with all her strength, desperate not to stand up as the red hot pain swelled across her behind.

“Four sir.”

From Girls Get The Cane Too by Abel Jenkins.

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