A Sex Slave On Spanking

Delia Day, a self-described sex slave who most assuredly does participate in some painful stuff, has this to say about spanking:

I don’t get spanked when I’m bad. I’m never bad. I’m obsessively driven to be perfect, and I assure you I can beat and berate myself in my head for any perceived failing ten thousand times worse than anyone could do with a crop to me. This is not a fantasy scenario to me. It’s not kinky play. I suspect for most people it is mostly kinky play, entertained to various degrees for various lengths of time, and that’s fine. That’s individual. However, if i had to pick an acronym to tattoo on my head, it would be M/s, and not any of the other choices. I serve. I don’t play. That’s me. I’m June Cleaver with a brand on my ass.

She also has this to say about male dominance, which is apropos to some of the previous posts here about D/s issues and lifestyles:

Pay attention guys. It is a tantamount fallacy to think that there are any significant differences between those that fuck kinky and those that simply haven’t realized their potential for kinky fucking, yet. I’m not special, you’re not special. We’re just people. People for all their many differences are also all mostly the same, too. All women think it’s a turn off to be a pompous jackass proclaiming one’s own importance and entitlement to be blindly respected and obeyed by virtue of their self said importance in the galactic scheme of things, for example. All women think it’s a turn on to be casually confident and charmingly witty, for example.

We both know you long for power, control, and fellatio. That’s OK. I think it’s an admirable goal to be perused with vim and vigor. If you are going to succeed at that, you already have, or you need to listen when I tell you to forget all the silly “submission is a gift” shit. It’s a spoil of war. It’s plunder and booty. You have to fight hard. You will be wounded and bleed. It’ll hurt.

My friends, she said it herself: this woman is not here to play.

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