And After The Spanking….

Over on the Spanking Classics story board, which I have linked to before and which has a variety of spanking forums on various topics, a post caught my eye. Seems a lady earned herself a well-deserved spanking with a plastic spoon, which was properly enjoyed by all. And then came bedtime:

When we finally got into bed he was smiling at me, and asked if I’d like him to rub in some cream, which I thought was nice of him, and so he did.

Only it wasn’t the arnica cream it was deep heat balsam rub!!! God that brings up the fire its like you can feel every smack individually! After two minutes I wanted to run to the bathroom to wash it off but I wasn’t allowed!

He put sleep pants on and spooned up to me (so it wouldn’t rub off on him, he got caught like that once before)and hung on so I couldn’t get out — I even tried the “I need to pee” routine and he said fine we’d both go but if I didn’t then maybe we needed to discuss honesty and I didn’t go there. I spent a very uncomfortable night believe me.

Is that evil, or what? “Dear, would you like me to rub some cream in to make it all better?”

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