“Fun” With The Hyper Strap

Here’s a long tale of a lady who rather foolishly goes to visit a fellow with the intent of being his spanking slave. Predictably she winds up enjoying an implausible sequence of terribly severe spankings, canings, and strappings, intermixed with enemas, butt plugs, and unusual dungeon furniture. One of her master’s favorite toys is a two inch wide rubber monster called the Hyper Strap:

He carefully aimed the strap at the center of her provocatively projecting buns and swung hard. “One!” A river of stinging, burning pain swept across her bottom and seemed to penetrate to her very depths. She shrieked in agony at the intense, searing fire. A faint red stripe the width
of the strap stood out on her buttocks, deepening in color at the point where the end had landed.

He waited for all of thirty seconds between strokes, allowing her to feel the full effect of the dreadful implement. The pain was abating very slowly. “Two!” The Hyper Strap crashed down again, broadening and deepening the hue of the red stripe. She reacted with an even more desperate shriek. Tears came to her eyes and she began to sob. She strained against the bonds, her bottom aching unbearably. The guests smiled.

“Three!” Her sobbing intensified to a continuous intense cry as she struggled and tossed, the red stripe now a deeper hue. “Four!” She was terrified now. The awareness that nothing she could do would make her jutting behind a less attractive target swept over her. She wished she could pass out, but she could not. She had to experience the full impact of the spanking her Master was now deriving such pleasure from giving her. She was crying now as loudly as she could, but the gag muffled the sound. Her Master smiled as He prepared to deliver the final stroke.

“Five!” She could not believe He could hit her even harder, but He did. The broad red stripe now ran from the outside of her left cheek to the outside of her right, lightening only slightly at the curve where the cheeks descended to the rosebud within. The aching, burning, stinging
sensations raged through and across her bottom, the unbearable fire making her feel she was about to burst.

From The Unseen Master by Paul A. [link broken and removed]

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