Strapped by Her Boyfriend

Another of my email correspondents has been kind enough to send along one of her spanking stories. I love to get this sort of mail and I’m happy to provide web space for spanking stories and other goodies that the author may not have a page for. In this case, we have a fun story of a lady whose inattentiveness in her car earns her a whole lot of attention from her boyfriend when they get home:

He demands, “Get that skirt up, now.”

“Noooooo…” I wail softly, but even as I am pleading I have straightened up enough to pull my skirt out from under me and am raising it. It’s like a zombie is moving my hands, pulling my skirt out of the way, bending back into the proper position, and grabbing the lower barstool rung. This is going to hurt.

He waits. I hear him make a murmur of appreciation while gazing on my panty clad bottom, and I smile for a second. The anticipation kills the smile pretty quick. I remember that I am in the process of having my backside turned red. It already stings like mad, and I notice that the brief pause has allowed the fiery hot sensation to catch up with my skin. It couldn’t possibly hurt more than it did when he was actually smacking it, but somehow it does.

From Thoughts (In the Mind of a Spankee) by ~Velvet Dreams.

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