Stop Wiggling Or I Will Spank You!

This is not really a spanking item, but there’s a connection of sorts. I once knew a lady who objected pretty thoroughly to any really effective sexual stimulation, she said it was “too much.” Carly over at Pornblography has a reader who knows how to deal with that little problem:

I’m glad to see the Hitachi Magic Wand getting the attention it deserves.

I use it as a regular part of my practice as a professional male Dominant for submissive women. It is almost guaranteed to make any woman cum within about three minutes, provided she is restrained in the proper exposed position so that she can’t get away from its lascivious vibrations.

I typically don’t apply it directly to the genitalia, but prefer to insert my gloved fingers into the vagina to reach the G-spot while placing the Magic Wand against the base of my thumb. I then use my thumb to stimulate the clitoris. You need a lot of power to make this work and the Magic Wand has what it takes.

I’ve always found that giving a woman pleasure she can’t stop is every bit as much fun as spanking her, and for many of the same reasons.

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