Spanking Trivial Pursuit

Although I’ve posted some rules for spanking games before, I’m not a huge fan of the concept. Why not? Because they tend to be entirely too fair. Why should I put my tender butt in needless jeopardy?

However, Invidia (she of the excellent spanking stories and artwork) was kind enough to send along also her rules for Spanking Trivial Pursuit. And these are very much to my liking, because the game is played in Dom/sub pairs and no matter who misses the question, the subbie gets the swats.

Which would also happen to be convenient for me, since I absolutely suck at Trivial Pursuit.

Anyway, here are the most excellent rules:

Spank Me Trivial Pursuit

Basic: The game is played in Dom/sub pairs according to the basic rules; except that when a wrong answer is given the submissive partner is spanked. We had differing levels of spanks and implements according to the color of the spot we landed on and how many questions of that type we had missed. Here are ours, but you should scale your own toward your own strengths and weaknesses:

Orange (Sports) – hand swats
Yellow (History) – hairbrush
Blue (Geography) – Belt
Pink (Entertainment) – Paddle
Brown (Literature) – Light cane
Green (Science) – Evil bath brush

Number of swats depended on how many times a question in that category had been missed. One for the first miss, two for the second, three for the third; you see the pattern now, don’t you?

Variation Two: After getting caned entirely too much for knowing nothing about 19th century literature, my sis and I came up with a Doms vs. subs version. She and I took turns rolling the dice and we answered the questions in pairs. Whoever’s turn it was when the wrong answer was given took the swats. There was a double-or-nothing clause added though. We were allowed to ask for another question in the same category. If we got that one right, we took no swats. The number of swats was doubled. (Note: This does slightly favor the subs to win the game since they get more chances to answer a question. But it’s not really about who wins the game, you know.)

Variation Three: Swats and Dares! Sis and I were tired of sitting on sore rear ends for no compensation. We suggested that it would be entirely more fun if the Doms had some negative incentive on their part as well. When the Doms missed a question we would assign them some funky dare to do like Truth-or-Dare. We had to establish limits of course, but we had more fun than should be allowed by law!

Personal suggestions:

  1. Dares are private. Don’t talk about them outside the game.
  2. Allow the Dare players a certain number of dare refusals.
  3. Play with open-minded, fun people.
  4. Set a maximum number of swats.
  5. Play with safewords.
  6. Don’t ever, ever tell a Dom that he hits like a girl!

Sounds like a great party game to me.

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