Recklessness Reckoned With

I’ve linked before to the spanking goodness to be found over at Pink Flamingo Publications. Here’s another small excerpt from a spanking novel that’s for sale over there:

While admiring the lovely sight before them, the inspired disciplinarian delivered round after round of smacks, making Bridget’s bottom acutely raw. His aim drifted downward for a time, as he lay a potent dozen on the more tender flesh of her thighs. With this, Bridget let out an angry howl, “Oh, my god, no please!” Her voice rocked the air with a passionate plea for mercy that fell on deaf ears.

In answer to that desperate plea, at least a half dozen more strikes snapped rudely on her thighs before her tormentor changed his aim again. Bridget was only too happy to have the treatment return to her padded behind.

As the scene evolved, the paddling finally came to an end. Only after the paddle was retired for the night did the penitent woman note the fire on her ass. The warmth that spread across the surface expanded to the insides of her body, into her quivering thighs, and up her spine. She could feel the warmth reach the center of her crotch where her pussy was moist and blood pulsed in an erotic frenzy. The empty cavity clenched involuntarily, but she halted the reflex knowing what that would communicate to the men around her.

From Reckless Disregard by Lizbeth Dusseau.

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