An Illustrated Spanking Story

The gracious and talented Invidia very kindly emailed me with an original spanking story and some samples of her spanking artwork. It seems that she’s currently without suitable web space for displaying such, although she’s working on solving that problem. I’m delighted to share the fruits of her talents with you all, and I hope you’ll email her and encourage her to get her web site up as soon as possible so that we can see more.

First a sample of her spanking art:

spanking art by Invidia

And here’s an excerpt from her spanking story, which is called The Frog Days of Summer:

With that, he brought down the strap suddenly and very unexpectedly on my unprotected bottom.

I shrieked, though I don’t know now whether it was from pain or from shock. I had felt like I was in a daze earlier, but the sudden impact of his belt on my backside had shaken me completely from my stupor.

The second swipe of the belt landed just where the first one had and drew another shriek of pain from me.

He brought the belt down across the middle of my backside several times and I found myself unable to keep my position over the desk with my hands grasping the other side.

Dr. Foxworth paused long enough to reposition me and then continued the onslaught. I wailed and cried piteously but my anguish had no effect on him.

If you click through to read the whole story, you’ll find it illustrated with two more spanking drawings. Thanks very much Invidia!

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