Punishment Strapping as Foreplay

Here’s an excerpt from a nicely written short story:

“I will be back to deal with you shortly.”

Karen was left to wait for Lord Ryan’s return, fully dressed but positioned as he wanted her. She was bent over the bed, resting on cuffed hands, her long, shapely legs together and her ass high in the air. Her skirt was pulled tight over her bottom and the tops of her black silk stockings were visible.

The wait was excruciating. From her position, Karen knew that she would be receiving a spanking. Just the thought made her heart race. Spankings were the best, even if painful at times. She felt the moisture build between her legs with the thought.

Lord Ryan re-entered the room. Karen did not look back but sensed he was behind her. His presence captivated her, even when she could not see him. He slid her skirt up her thighs and over her firm round buttocks. His hand ran across her dimpled ass and then slowly slid between her legs. Karen moaned at his touch and arched back into him. Lord Ryan quickly pulled away and gave her bottom a sharp slap. “Remain still!”

Slowly he slid her panties off and nudged her to spread her legs. He took a long look at the sight before him. Petal pink lips glistened with her desires. Picking up the strap with one hand, he pressed the other into the small of Karen’s back, causing her ass to raise higher. Without a word, he brought the strap firmly down on her striped bottom.

The shock and pain of the leather made Karen yelp with the first blow. As the strapping continued, her breath became more labored and soon she cried out with each lash. The leather made contact with both Karen’s ass and her exposed pussy. Tears poured from her eyes as Lord Ryan continued. Her cheeks were on fire and she was sobbing uncontrollably when she realized that he had stopped.

Before Karen had time to compose herself, Lord Ryan positioned himself behind her, and with one quick thrust, entered the tight opening of her ass….

From Karen’s Spanking by kristydoll.

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