Spanked for Laughing

From the archives of Screamergirl’s interesting blog (alas not updated very much of late) comes this fun-sounding twist on an OTK spanking:

Anyway, he spanked me. I bought him a new paddle (what the fuck was I thinking?), and we did a fun little OTK thing. He makes me laugh, then spanks me for laughing, then makes me laugh again. He mock-punishes me for incredibly silly things that are semi-serious, but itís a good way for him to drive home a point (so to speak) so that while I know Iím safe and loved and cared for Ė I also understand his point of view on certain things. Itís a great dynamic.

After, we had incredible sex (you needed to know that, right?) and then we spent two hours talking….

If you read forward in the archives from there, there’s a lot of intricate soul-searching on spanking and d/s of various flavors. Interesting if, like a lot of folks, you are trying to work out why this stuff is fascinating and fun.

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