Sibling Rivalry is So Much Fun

Here’s a neat little story about two loving sisters:

Michele broke the silence, “Janey, you’ve been flaunting your tits since tenth grade. We’ll see how proud they make you now.” She ordered Brandi and Morena to attach a clothespin to each nipple. Initially, I thought nothing of it. After all, how much could clothespins hurt? After several minutes, however, I was moaning as they nastily bit my flesh.

“Everyone grab a whip,” barked Michele. The girls jumped to the pile and selected their favorites. Keri wanted to go first, but Michele informed her that they would whip me together, as a team. I shut my eyes tightly and prepared for the worst. I’d never felt the sting of a whip.

Feet shuffled about. I couldn’t bear to open my eyes to see who stood where, but I felt them all around me. The first crack struck me across my stomach. I screamed and was reminded of my bondage as I pulled tightly on the ropes. “I warned you about noise,” Michele piped in, “One more sound and you’ll get the ball gag.” The second blow landed across my right breast. Its force jiggled the clothespin, sending new pain through my chest. My scream was louder than the first.

Without a word, Michele forced a small rubber ball into my mouth and buckled its leather strap behind my head. I shouted profanely at her, but my screams turned to muffled tones. The gag stretched my jaw, and saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth. It was horrible.

The whipping continued. Sometimes the lashes came one at a time, but often they came in bunches. My flesh was on fire. My breasts, stomach and thighs were covered with redness. There was something cruelly beautiful about the thin red lines drawn onto my skin. My nipples, almost numb to the pain on the clips, betrayed my fear and excitement. They throbbed in unison with my sex. I couldn’t believe how turned on they were making me. I never expected these feelings.

Brandi dropped her whip to the floor, stripped off her clothing and crawled next to me. She was so pretty. Never had I imagined that our naked bodies would be this close. She playfully flicked the clothespin on my nipple sending painful shivers through me. The moment became a blur, and, before I knew it, the others were naked as well…

From Sister’s Revenge by RopeBinder.

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