Lesbian Nun Spanking Fantasy

Here’s a cute bit of spanking fluff involving Sister Domina and her ruler, and her urgent fingers, and so forth, written by “Saphho Smith” [link gone defunct]:

What is it about nuns? We all know men perve them, but then again, we all know the rumour; they all became nuns because they wanted to have lots and lots of wild and wanton lesbian sex. Well why else would you want to closet yourself up in a women only space for your entire life, vowing never, ever to have sex again. Is there a disclaimer to that clause, I wonder? How do they define sex? Penetration? What?

I was, of course, a convent schoolgirl – picture me lusciously and voluptuously sporting a baby doll gymslip. Sister Dominica was quite young, thinking back, although at age sweet sixteen, a woman in her twenties was most definitely an Older Woman. I had been daydreaming in class – I had a crush on Sister Dominica. But then, in those days I had a crush on any woman who was nice to me, and if she happened to teach English as well, my hormones raced to fever pitch on the spot. The G-spot.

“Sappho pay attention!” came the command. I blushed. What would she say if she knew what I’d been thinking at that very moment? She gave me a hard look and quietly informed me I’d be in detention that afternoon. I was thrilled! Time alone with my idol, what a pleasure! I spent the rest of that period fantasizing at full speed about all possible seduction scenarios.

The final bell rang and I sat quietly at the back of the classroom, waiting. Sister Dominica continued marking for what seemed like an eternity before looking up and clearing her throat. “So, Sappho, you don’t feel the need to listen to me in class?” I stuttered � she continued, “Well you’ll just have to pay attention to me now! Come here girl!”

I walked about 10 000kms to the front of the classroom, she stood up slowly, adjusting her habit. She locked the door and drew the blinds, “Sappho, you need to learn a lesson – this is for your own good. Bend over the desk and lift your skirt above your waist.”

Sister Dominica took a ruler to her hand and before I could say three Hail Mary’s, she had whacked me on the arse. I stayed bent over the desk, not knowing what to do next. Was I to stand up and rearrange my skirt and walk demurely back to my desk? Was I to apologise, or did she expect me to bring on the tear brigade?

I was soon to find out it would be none of that. I could feel some movement from behind and her fumbling fingers found there way inside my panties and right into my cunt. Oh m’god she was penetrating me from behind. My cunt was so open for her from bending over like that. Her left hand was firmly flattened over my mouth as she fucked me with her other hand. She finger fucked me as if in a frenzy; like there was no tomorrow. As hard as I tried to remove her hand from my mouth (note not from my pussy) she was far too strong for little sixteen year old me. My body started shaking in sheer orgasmic pleasure.

After that, she spanked my arse lightly and pulled down my skirt. “Off you go then Sappho, and I’ll see you in detention tomorrow after class. That is, if you’re going to be daydreaming in class again?” She had a wicked grin on her face. Damn right I was going to demand detention the following day!

I would never forget Sister Dominica the dominatrix as long as I lived.

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