A Careless Nurse’s Punishment

Here’s a scene is from Plantation Punishment by Rick Adams. It seems a young nurse made a mistake with her medicines, and she’s not too keen on having her aggrieved patient complain to the nuns in charge:

She suddenly realised what was happening. “Sir, what you are doing is indecent.” She started to wriggle. “I am only seventeen.”

“I would not dream of distressing you,” I said, leaving my hand where it was. “Let us send for sister, then.”

“No, no!” She started to cry. “I can’t go home, I would be disgraced and my step-father would be furious, he would beat me sir, worse than ever.”

Taking that as permission to proceed, I began to finger her all over. I spread her excellent legs further apart despite some resistance and ran my fingers up and down them, investigating all her secret places at leisure as she quivered and shrank from me.

I ran my fingers round and round her splendid white buttocks. They would redden nicely. “Get up and fetch one of my slippers,” I said, “and then come back here, over me like this.”

She came back reluctantly but obediently with the slipper and wriggled back over my lap.

She pulled up her dress as I had ordered, and I gazed upon her naked bottom with relish. Then I ran the slipper over it. Her soft plump flesh recoiled in dread, but when she started to cry and sob, my eagerness became all the greater. I was overwhelmed with an uncontrollable need to punish the wench severely. My practised hand descended viciously upon the shrinking flesh.




Patsy began to yelp with every stroke of the slipper, and after a few minutes her yelps turned into moans, then into screams so loud that I had to stuff a handkerchief into her mouth….

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