Spanked & Humiliated

Here’s a charming tale of a bitchy socialite being punished at her own garden party:

Lisa made a quick decision. Faced with a much stronger opponent intent on teaching her a lesson, the haughty, red-faced society queen did the only thing left open to her – she turned and ran, arms still crossed over her exposed tits. Sharon lunged forward and grabbed the back of the retreating dress. It came tearing off with a satisfying rip and poor Lisa now found herself stripped to her stockings and pink satin panties, in broad daylight, in front of her sniggering ‘friends’.

“Oh no”, she wailed, outraged at this latest indignity, and continued her run, face beetroot rate, her pink pantied bottom jiggling as she fled. She had no idea which of the many men she had slept with was Sharon’s, and right then she did not care — she had to get to the house and escape from this mortifying situation. However, Sharon was too quick, and blocked Lisa’s exit at the balcony. Lisa looked round desperately — there were tables of food to her left, and she picked up a wooden spatula, and waved it as menacingly as she could, while trying to keep her tits hidden with her other arm, embarrassingly aware of how ridiculous she must look, trying to shield her tits, stripped to her pretty pink panties.

“Stay away from me, or I’ll… I’ll …”

“Still not learned your lesson, bitch”, laughed Sharon. She approached Lisa, twisted the spatula-wielding arm until poor Lisa was being made to bend over. Then she realised that her head was trapped between Sharon’s legs, and that she was bent over, her pantied rear facing the on-lookers. Things were going from bad to worse for the snooty Lisa.

“No… let me go… let me up you bitch!”

Sharon forced the spatula from Lisa’s hand.

“Not until you’ve learned your lesson, you stuck-up bimbo.”

With that Sharon proceeded to swat each gorgeous cheek of the defenceless bottom. Lisa squealed in outrage, moving her ass as best she could to avoid the punishment. This merely added to the ludicrous spectacle, as her perfectly-rounded bouncing bottom reddened. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her — stripped and spanked in public.

Sharon meanwhile gleefully paddled the helpless butt squirming in front of her, the pretty pink panties giving no protection from each swat of the spatula. Lisa decided to try and crouch down to avoid any more of this humiliation. This was a mistake.

“Get your fat ass up in the air where I can paddle you, bitch”, snarled Sharon, and she grabbed the back of Lisa’s panties and pulled hard.

“Oh no… stop it”, wailed Lisa, as her ass was hoisted back up, and her panties pulled hard up her ass cheeks in an extremely painful, unbelievably humiliating wedgie.

“Looks like roast rump on the menu”, mocked Sharon, confirming what Lisa already knew. The wedgie meant that her full-cut panties were now more like a thong, and that most her painful, reddened derriere was now on display. The pain from the panties pulled hard in to her crack, and the pain from the continued spanking were only outweighed by the sheer indignity of a public wedgie and spanking. Being stripped had been bad enough, but this was positively humiliating.

From Lisa Gets Her Just Deserts by Shaw.

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