Purple Prose in Spanking Fiction

Here’s an example of some extremely florid prose from lesbian spanking fiction:

“I grab the rod. I drag Senta, resisting, along with me, sit down on the sofa, and force her to lie across my lap…. Using force, I maneouver her into a position in which she turns her magnificent woman-bottom to me, my right foot clutches her legs and I clamp them firmly between my thighs…the deep furrow of her bottom is opened as a result of her excitement, revealing the pink hole, with an engaging shamelessness. I fondle it with my finger, and also tenderly visit the blessed valley of Venus…

“I reach for the rod. My left hand, however, makes it way along her belly until it reaches the soft mons veneris. My fingers bury themselves in the hot flesh of the vulva and firmly remain there..I swing the rod in a frenzy of sensuality, in a riot of ecstasy…Senta’s body twists and turns frantically. I hear her cry of pleasure, her moaning and wailing. I feel the throbbing of her vulva in my hand, my eyes feast delightfully on her beautiful, shame-red arse, which expands and contracts under my searing blows…”

From Edith Cadivec’s “Eros: The Meaning of My Life”. Reviewed here by Naomi Darvell of Clean Sheets.

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