A Medieval Public Birching

This fetching lass appears quite unhappy with her lot:

nude woman gets a public birching

And no wonder, that birch has done a number on her rear end, and she’s not been left a stitch of clothing for modesty. I wonder what offense she’s being punished for. Is she an adulteress? A harlot? A thieving chambermaid?

I’m guessing this is artwork by Paula Meadows.

2012 update: Yup, it’s Paula’s work, it was in Janus #32, and here’s a much better scan, complete with hi-res if you click through:

public birching art

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  1. Roger Mills commented on April 25th, 2005:

    wot a lucky lucky girl to have her faults corrected in this way.

    I wld give a fortune to be treated to a judicial birching in public; say 3 dozen strokes on my naked behind!

  2. Jonathon commented on April 28th, 2007:

    I believe this originates from Janus, if not then from Februs or Derierre. It appeared in a well told story called The Penitent. I wont attempt to paraphrase the story from memory but this scene highlights the start of a series of birchings undergone by the good lady wife of the local Lord of the manor. He has returned belatedly from the crusade and she has lost patience and together with a knight/locksmith managed to shuck, yes I did say ‘shuck’, her chastity belt prior to indulging in a little extra marital. Hubby returen and in high dugeon insists on a heavy and repeated atonement over the penetents stone in the market place. Oh for a tankard of ale and a front row seat!

  3. walter commented on August 24th, 2008:

    Another good birching drawing.

  4. Phil stevens commented on January 24th, 2014:

    I’d vote for a law to be passed now in 2014 for this to be done to women on a regular basis in public.

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