Sing Spanking Praise to the Heavens

“Brethren and sistren, can I get an Amen?”

Here’s a spanking good verse to the classic hymn “On Our Way Rejoicing.” It goes something like this:

On our way rejoicing,
As we homeward move,
Going for our spankings,
Bottom warmed with love.
Is there grief or sadness?
Mine it cannot be!
Lying there unpantied,
O’er your kindly knee!

Credit where credit is due: I found this posted by Kilahara on this thread at an excellent free spanking discussion and story board I just discovered. The site is called “Spanking Classics” and it’s run by Bethany and the rest of the Bethany’s Woodshed spanking crew. They run a collection of pay sites, but there are many free spanking goodies of a quality unmatched elsewhere on the net.

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