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I’ve added a new link to the “Free Spanking Sites” link list: The Spanking Video Review Page. As the proprietor “Boatdrinks” puts it:

“After buying many spanking videos over the years I know that there are some very good videos out there and then there are some that are just crap. I created this page to help people find the good stuff out there and hopefully avoid the not so good.”

Excellent idea and desperately needed. From a recent review of “Wild Party 2”:

It has been a long time since Rigid East put out a movie. After their merger with Lupus Pictures early last year, all of the new videos have been coming from Lupus with the help of the Rigid East team. “Wild Party 2” marks the return of Rigid East to the spanking movie business and it is not a disappointment.

As each stroke lands the girls sitting and waiting their turn are made to count out the number. The second girl to go is a tall, thin blonde with very large breasts. When she bends over the desk she keeps her legs wide apart and keeps them like that for the duration of the punishment so that we can enjoy all of her charms. The caning goes a lot worse for this girl and you can tell that she is in some serious pain. After her caning is done she thanks the teacher and then returns to kneel with the other girls.

You get the idea. A valuable spanking resource.

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