Schoolgirl Revenge

Here’s another story in the ever-popular caned schoolgirls genre:

Susan could close her eyes, but not her ears. Debbie’s whole body had shuddered at the impact of that first stroke, but she had remained in position, grunting as the intense stinging pain bit home. But after the third stroke Debbie gave vent to an earsplitting yell of pain “Arghh . . . Yeeowww!!” Shocked, Sue opened her eyes again and looked to see what was going on. Debbie’s feet were beating a tattoo on the floor as she bent over the stool and she could see some light brown curls peeping through the gap in her thighs.

Debbie could no longer keep still. After the fourth whack, delivered with unrelenting force to her gyrating behind, she yelled again and half rose and turned towards the deputy headmaster. Sue could see that she had started to cry. She felt sick at the thought that it would be her turn soon. Mr Fowler caught hold of the tall fourth-former, bent her over again and forced her back into position.

After that Debbie stayed in position for the last two strokes but she yelled loudly at each and drummed her feet in pain. She was no longer trying to keep her legs together as she had at first and from her frantic squirmings and wrigglings and her anguished yelps it was obvious to Sue just how much of an effort it was taking her to stay in place. After the sixth stroke the deputy told Debbie to get up.

She straightened and her hands went immediately to her wealed backside. The sobbing teenager danced around the office in agony, not even thinking about covering herself up. Mr Fowler allowed her a few seconds to recover and then told her to pull up her panties and put her skirt back on again.

Debbie had been slow about lowering her panties but she took even longer to pull them up again. Ugly raised weals covered the whole surface of her bottom and she gasped and squealed as she painfully pulled the tight navy blue panties into place. Sue was absolutely petrified. Her friend was so tall, so tough. And yet a mere six blows from that supple wand had sufficed to reduce her to tearful humiliation.

The deputy ordered Debbie to go and stand by the wall and turned his attention to the second of the two girls. “All right, Susan. Skirt off and over the stool!”

From A Sister’s Revenge by Mike From London.

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