School Girls Being Punished

Ok, ok, so I’m not entirely clear on what’s going on here. Room full of naked schoolgirls (ok, not totally nude, they have shoes and socks on), one poor girl cowering out front on the piano stool while everyone else watches, woman in natty white lab coat on a commanding chair examining or making notes on a clipboard. Is this Spanking Saturday, or just ritual humiliation in the form of group medical examinations?

nude japanese schoolgirls being punished

Trust those wacky Japanese!

  1. Dunny commented on November 28th, 2007:

    Er… that’s a physical examination which is normal for Japanese highschools

  2. Spike Spiegel commented on December 1st, 2007:

    It’s from the anime called “Nube”

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee commented on January 17th, 2008:

    this is not ‘normal’ persay.. it’s done one at a time, and theres a good deal more privacy.. no roomfuls of nakedness

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