His Girlfriend Caned

Here’s a fanciful tale of a schoolgirl caning, as told by the schoolgirl in question to her boyfriend before she lets him soothe the marks:

“I stood patiently as Mrs. Crachet pinned up my skirt. My bottom felt painfully exposed. She tugged at my panties to make sure they fit snuggly and I had to bend across her desk. I was stretched almost to tiptoe to reach the other side, my bum thrust out behind me. ‘Fighting is a serious offense,’ she said sternly. ‘Though it’s your first time, Sherry, I’m going to give you six of the best. Don’t let go of that table or the blow won’t count and you’ll earn an extra to boot.’ I sobbed at this news, not knowing how I was going to endure this punishment.

“She touched my bum lightly with the cane to line up her stroke and then I heard the whistle and crack and felt a tremendous pressure across my buttocks. For a fraction of a second it was just pressure, no pain, but then suddenly I felt a burning as though a red-hot poker had been pressed against my rump. I cried out–I couldn’t help but want to scream–and wiggled frantically. It didn’t help but I couldn’t stop myself.

“There was another stroke, very close to the first, and though I thought it impossible, it was even worse than the first! A third came down and I thought for certain I would pass out. How could anyone endure such agony? I sobbed and moaned and wiggled, completely out of control.”

From Girlfriend by The Flogmaster.

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