Spanking Is Sweet And So Are You

Here’s a nice tale of a girl and her idea for an interactive tattoo:

Let me start off with this statement. I like to be spanked. I have always like the feel of it and the warm after-glow of a good spanking on my butt cheeks. It didn’t take me long to convince my boyfriend to give me what I wanted and he even made a little paddle with holes in it (to add to the sting) to use on me when I was “bad”.

It was in looking at a magazine on Tattooing that I got the idea for a very special sort of tattoo. It was inspired by the comment by boyfriend made that he would give me a pair of rosy cheeks just before he gave me a very erotic session followed by some of the best sex I have ever had. It was a picture of a girl with a rose on her butt. If I could have two large, life sized, roses tattooed on my cheeks they might serve as ‘targets’ for spanking.

Then I got another idea. If I had them outlined in blue–they would look like ‘white roses’ on my butt and when he spanked me they would change into pink or red roses giving him added reason to give me the paddling I like so much.

And she goes through with it, too:

As I felt the needles I kept imagining all the spankings I would have in the future. It was a strange feeling — bending over in a tea shirt and thong while the roses went on. The colors were the least painful but by the time I saw them in the mirror I was stunned at how beautiful and erotic they made my rear end look.

I had to call my boyfriend that night to tell him all about my fantasy and the two ‘white’ roses. They healed well, but itched some. There was only a few problems with keeping them clean becase I couldn’t see what I was doing when I cleaned them and put on disinfectant. It wasn’t too easy sitting for three or four days at work. I had a hard time not telling everyone that I had roses on my butt! I did go out and buy a new thong bathing suit so I could show off my works of art in public (if I ever have the guts to do so). Still, the tattoo was much better than the other one I had done in the past.

When my boyfriend came in, I met him at the airport with a dress that had a full skirt and a thong, when we hugged he felt of my butt. I turned right around and raised my skirt to give him a flash of my rosey cheeks. That night he made them very red indeed! Now I am thinking or adding more roses to my collection–maybe I will turn my nipples into rosebuds? Who knows?

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  1. Redhanded commented on November 13th, 2005:

    I’m intrigued by those roses that would change from white to pink to red… interesting “mood roses”. Happiness is a dozen red roses, hmm…

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