A Christmas Strapping

One of my goals for this blog is to rescue little shards of spanking text from obscure corners of the web. There are innumerable little BDSM and spanking sites on the web, but each is small and little-linked-to. In this Google age, that means such are almost impossible to find, especially when they have to compete with stylish porn pages with carefully engineered key words and link structure. Since one of my hobbies is trolling the deep dark web that’s buried beneath the first three hundred search results for any query, it only makes since to share the spanking goodies that turn up down in those depths.

One such find is the little Christmas spanking story from which these paragraphs are borrowed:

She finally brought back the small square paddle that has smooth black leather on one side and a fur-like covering on the other. She then handed me the heavy strap, 14 inches long by 4 inches wide and attached to a wooden handle. It is a wicked, painful device that Mara mostly doesn’t like. I was a little surprised she selected it.

I sat on the chair and pulled my naked slave-girl over my lap so that her head and shoulders reached the side of the mattress. The position left her breasts free for pinching if I so chose. I started with my hand, carefully spreading the red hand marks evenly over her ass cheeks and then the backs of her thighs. I stopped often and fingered her pink parts, testing her reaction to the spanking. The hand spanking increased in intensity until my hand began to hurt. Regardless I kept at it for a while. When her wiggling slowed a bit I switched to the small paddle. Her wiggling immediately increased back to sadist-pleasing levels while my hand stopped stinging. Mara jumped even more when I hit the backs of her thighs with the hard leather. I confess I like it when it’s hard for her to take. I worked her over for about 10 more minutes, spreading the effect around until once again she began to go quiet on me.

I knew she was getting close to getting loopy so I changed to the big strap. I again started lightly but soon was popping her pretty good. I moved her from my lap to face down on the bed so I could have more room to swing the strap and hit my intended target. At this point it was “let the whipping REALLY begin!” The percussion of the strap smacking her ass literally rang in my ears and her whimpers and moans were a sweet melody. I kept the strokes rhythmic for the most part, stopping now and then to rub her red cheeks or stroke her clit.

Checking in with her I said, “Merry Christmas, slave-girl. Is there anything else you would like?”

I knew she was gone when she said, “I would like more, Sir.”

After that, the story gets romantic…or perhaps mushy, depending on your point of view.

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