Decadent Cruelty, Bamboo Cane

From The Jade Pavilion Book II : The Rise of Li Chang, Chapter 24: The Gathering Storm and the Unfolding Lotus, by Boccaccio:

On one memorable night George had commissioned Fatima to perform a belly dance for Ming-tsu and himself that had aroused them both to a fever pitch. But the scantily-clad dancer’s only reward for her efforts was that her luscious legs and athletic abdomen had been subjected to a blistering belly and thigh-switching. By the time they had delivered forty strokes — one for each of Ali Baba’s thieves, George had joked — Ming-tsu and George had reduced a pair of hard-nubbed birch switches — from one of the stately trees on George’s estate — to scarlet-stained shreds.

Fatima had been directed to remove the rest of her scanty garments then, revealing a tantalizing pair of dusky, dark-nippled breasts, and a swarthy triangle of curly pubic tendrils that embellished her private parts most attractively. George Chan had plundered that youthfully tight young pussy then, while Ming-tsu had offered him her delicious breasts to kiss and bite, as she stroked herself in time with his every vigorous thrust.

After George had consummated his lust, Ming-tsu had squatted above the face of the recumbent dark-eyed dancer. When the young houri had balked at inserting her tongue into Ming-tsu’s sensitive slit, Ming-tsu had stepped aside while George ordered the recalcitrant young beauty to pull her marvelously flexible legs up and back onto the wide pillow on which her flowing dark hair rested. Then, while Fatima had held onto her ankles (under threat of additional strokes), George and Ming-tsu had armed themselves with a pair of whippy canes cut from the tough bamboo that grew along the banks of the Yangtze. And they had taken turns applying the punishing rods to the delightfully uptilted buttocks and well-toned thighs of the young dancing girl, until she had screamed her readiness to comply with any of Ming-tsu’s carnal desires, no matter how perverse.

  1. Edgar Andre commented on February 1st, 2006:

    The Jade Pavilion II is one of the jewels of Giovanni Boccaccios’s string of precious tales. There are several others each one best than the other. All of them have delicious scenes about breast torture and other wicked pleasures…

    Best Regards


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