More Domestic Spanking…

…of an even more obviously fictional nature:

Finally, when he opened the door between the bath and the bedroom, he saw his wife bent over the edge of the bed with nothing on as he had ordered. Her perfectly rounded upturned cheeks were losing some of their redness now, but they were still quite pink, causing his erection to swell to mammoth proportions.

“Spread your legs, Brianna,” he ordered calmly as he stood behind her, “and hold your bottom higher.”

Brianna shivered, thinking he was going to use the belt on her, but she did as he told her, parting her legs and pushing her cheeks higher into the air exposing the soft blond curls covering her sex.

“Good girl,” Michael told her as her plunged his manhood into her, causing her to moan loudly. “Michael, you’re hurting me,” she complained. Michael halted and leaned over her placing his mouth close to her ear and slipping his hands underneath her breast feeling her nipples respond immediately to his touch. “Would you rather that I pulled out of you and took you across my knee?” he asked. Michael’s eyes widened as he felt her tighten around him, squeezing his cock.

“No, please Michael I don’t want another spanking,” she told him, as she began to work back and forth against him. Not able to hold back any longer, he exploded inside her with a force he had never known before.

From Michael’s Bride, author unknown.

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