Random Spanking Story

The first of many:

“Take it all, bitch.” His voice is a hoarse moan as he starts to roughly fuck my mouth.

I’m squirming and squealing and trying to get away. The gagging and the pain from his thick cock being shoved so far down my throat making my eyes water and before long I’m crying. I panic as he shoves it deep and then holds. My lungs start to burn with need to breathe. I can’t stop myself from clawing at him with what little range I have with my belted hands. I draw blood from his thigh and he lets up enough to let me gasp for air.

I drink it in great gulps as he pulls me up from his strangling cock. “You drew blood. I was just having fun before, but now you’ve drawn blood.” He pulls me across his lap, that fleshy tree trunk scraping down the length of my body until it comes to press right into the soft patch of brown fur that covers my pussy.

I lay there bent over his lap like a schoolgirl waiting for her punishment. His hand is like steel as he takes his first swat at my creamy white heart-shaped bottom. The impact not only almost sends me sailing off his lap, but pushes my outer labia around the head of his cock. I squirm as he readies the next blow. It falls harder than the first, and his other hand grips my waist. “Little bitch, you know you deserve this!”

“Please! Stop! I’ll do whatever you want!” I say in an attempt to get out of what I think is about to happen, but his only answer is a deep chuckle and another stinging blow to my backside. I feel my little clit swelling against the rubbing of his cock head. Every blow sending me bucking into that small apple sized head until I feel the pre-cum starting to wet my clit.

I’m kicking now, trying to get away, screaming and crying as I struggle on his lap and he laughs at me. “Call me anything you like, slut. I’m going to spank you until I’m through with you.”

My bottom is burning and quite red as I feel my pussy wetly sucking at the head of his cock as I buck into it with each smack of his huge hand. In between blows which are sometimes maddeningly slow, I find myself grinding against that delicious hard pole. “Horny little bitch, you like this, don’t you?”

“No! Let me go! Stop this you fucking bastard!” I scream and cry as I keep trying to get away from him.

“Say it! Say that you like it, slut! Tell me and maybe I’ll stop,” He laughed again. “Then again, maybe I won’t.”

I sob against his leg and whimper, “Yes! I like it! Oh god, yes! Now stop!”

He laughs and sends a flurry of swats to my behind….

From “A Rude Awakening: My Spanking Fantasy” by Succubus.

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